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  • Anastasiya Vovk

How the Kitchen Countertop Fabrication Work And What Are the Services

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Countertops are essential parts of a kitchen and must be well-installed for them to last long. Countertop fabrication is a procedure that requires specialized tools and techniques; therefore, you must look for a countertop fabricator for the installation process. A kitchen countertop fabricator refers to a stone specialist with natural stone templating and manipulation knowledge. Although marble is expensive, it is also one of the easiest countertop materials to fabricate. It makes the fabrication simple and easy, giving you a soft finish. Are you searching for countertop fabrication services? Here is a step-by-step procedure on how the fabrication process works:

Choose the Countertop

The first step involves choosing a stylish kitchen countertop. Select materials that fit your customer’s dream kitchen. You will find countertops in different varieties of natural stones, including granite, marble, limestone, and quartzite. Inspect the natural stones for specific characteristics such as dry seams, black sports or seams. If there are particular areas, you do not like, mark and avoid them when fabricating the stone.

Lay the Slabs

After inspecting the stone for flaws, decide on its direction and placement. It is based on the client’s kitchen’s colors and lighting. Ensure the kitchen layout complements your chosen stone’s highlights and low lights to showcase the beauty of your countertops. A layout that flatters your natural stone makes it easy for people to admire and appreciate the beauty of your countertops.

Cut the Stone

Cut the stone and fit it into your template. Most companies use a bridge saw or a water jet to cut the stone. A bridge saw uses a segmented diamond blade at a rate of seven feet for every minute. On the other hand, a water jet uses high water pressure while cutting across the stone. One of the most significant advantages of using water during countertops fabrication is that it cuts circles, radiuses and any other complicated patterns. After cutting the stones from the slabs, the fabricator takes them to a computer numerical control (CNC) machine for fabrication.

Fabricating the Stone

A fabricator programs the CNC machine to find the right stone size, making it easy to get the proper measurements. Luckily, you can comfortably work on multiple types of stones and then collectively work on them. Notably, the machine is programmed to know what to do with the stones and where to place them. With a trained operator and a high-quality CNC machine, it will do the work precisely following specific dimensions.

Polishing and Sealing the Stone

A fabricator needs to polish the edges since by the time natural stems like granites get to the fabricators; they are already polished. Once that is done, sealing the countertop before installation is essential to increase the stone’s ability to rest the mixture. This step also allows you to seal the face and the edges of the stone properly.


Once you have appropriately laid down the countertops, the next step is applying high-quality resin to hold together all the countertop pieces. Adding a special agent to the countertops adds a unique feature to them, making it easy to match the color, leaving it to dry, if the seams are not on the right level, adding tiny stone blocks during the process to hold the stones tightly. After applying the second layer of resin, the next step involves polishing the seams to make them look invisible. Finally, you can drill the faucet and then install the sink. If the measurements are correct, the final step is properly fastening the sink and faucet.

How Long Does The Countertop Fabrication Process Take?

Countertop fabrication in Orlando could take about two and a half weeks. It also depends on the company you are working with and how fast you settle for the natural stone to use. Luckily, you do not need to provide your contractor with the measurements since most of them schedule a meeting with you and take the measures. They will use this information in fabricating the countertops into something that fits your space and matches your kitchen.


Upgrading your kitchen is one of the most significant investments you can ever have in your home. When looking for countertop fabrication services, look for their reviews and products and ensure they offer high-quality services. One of the most important things to consider during this process is the color, turnaround time and whether the company has excellent customer service. Some slabs might have complex textures and colors, making it hard to work with them, but others are a perfect deal. However, the process is smooth and flawless with the right fabricator since they can work with all types of materials.

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