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  • Anastasiya Vovk

What Do I Need to Know About Countertop Installation?

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

New countertops can give your home an instant facelift and increase its value. While installing new counters may seem like a fairly straightforward task, it requires meticulous planning. If you’re considering installing new counters in your home, here are the key things you need to know about the countertop installation process.

Before the Installation

Countertop installation can’t begin until some preliminary tasks are done. Here are some key tasks you need to undertake before the installation process starts:

Select a Countertop Material

There are various countertop materials, such as granite, quartz, and concrete, and each offers something unique. Before countertop installation starts, you’ll need to choose a countertop material.

Depending on factors like your budget and style preferences, you may find one countertop option suitable over another. However, consult a professional countertop installer if you’re torn between the various options.

Contact a Countertop Installer

Once you pick a suitable countertop material, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with a professional countertop installer. During the home visit, the installer will measure your existing countertops and cabinets and create templates to ensure your countertops fit properly.

Afterward, the installer will send you a quote for the countertop installation. Once you approve the quote, the installer will set a date for the installation.

Prepare the Installation Site

Before the countertop installer arrives, here are some essential things you should do to facilitate the installation process:

Clear Pathways

Countertop installers require plenty of space to move while working. Make sure you provide them with ample room by removing obstacles impeding access to the installation site.

Cover Entryways and Vents

Your home may gather a lot of dust during a countertop installation. Cover the installation site’s doorways and vents with plastic sheeting to prevent dust from spreading to other rooms in your home. Additionally, cover furniture and carpets next to the installation site to keep them dust-free.

Move Fragile Items and Appliances

Countertop installers need plenty of room to maneuver as they work. To allow them to work freely, remove all fragile items, such as artwork, glass, and other delicate items, from the installation area. Additionally, move appliances on top of your countertops, such as microwaves, electric kettles, and toasters.

Empty and Secure Cabinets

Remove all items from your cabinets. Afterward, ensure they’re level and fastened to the wall or floor so that your new countertops properly fit on top of them.

Disconnect Plumbing and Electrical Fixtures

Countertop installation projects often require plumbing and electrical updates. If plumbing or electrical fixtures are affected due to the installation, ensure the appropriate professional disconnects them before the installation.

Remove Sinks and Existing Countertops

Disconnect and remove sinks in the installation area. If you’re unsure how to remove them, consider hiring a plumber. Additionally, remove old countertops. However, consult your countertop installer before you remove them. While most installers will require you to remove them to perform the installation, tearing them out isn’t always necessary.

During the Installation

If you hire professional countertop installers, you won’t have much to do on the installation day. The pros will handle all the heavy lifting and allow you to continue your routine. However, here are a few things you’ll need to do on the installation day to smoothen the process:

Keep Children and Pets Away

Children and pets can get in the way of the countertop installers. Worse still, they could get injured. For safety and easy movement, keep them away from the installation site.

Supervise the Process

While professional countertop installers can work independently, you’ll still need to be present during the installation to make installation decisions. You’ll also need to be on hand to keep children and pets away from the installation area. If you aren’t available, make sure there’s an adult over 18 on-site to oversee the countertop installation process.

After the Installation

Professional countertop installers won’t leave you with much to do after the installation. After installing your countertops, they’ll clean up the installation area and leave it spick and span. Nonetheless, here are some things you’ll need to do after the installation:

Contact a Plumber and Electrician

If your plumbing and electrical fixtures and appliances were disconnected, schedule appointments with the appropriate professionals to reconnect them. After the reconnections, you’ll also need the plumber to install your new sinks. As a rule of thumb, have the new sinks installed 24 hours after the countertop installation.

Return Items

After the plumber installs the new sink, return all your fragile items and appliances to restore the room to its original state.

Protect the Countertop

Last but not least, take care of your countertops. Often, countertops wear out after a short time because of neglect. Here are some things you can do to preserve your new countertops:

  • Don’t place hot pots, pans, or plates directly on top of your counters. Instead, place them on trivets or heat pads.

  • Don’t cut items directly on the countertop. Instead, always use a cutting board.

  • Use neutral cleaners as abrasive cleaners like vinegar and bleach can damage your countertops, particularly natural stone counters.

Schedule Countertop Installation in Orlando

New countertops are an excellent investment that can instantly transform your home. If you want to install new countertops or learn more about countertop installation in Orlando, contact us today!

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