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  • Brett James

5 Best Materials for Kitchen Countertops Orlando

Choosing the suitable material for your kitchen countertops can be challenging. There are numerous countertops Orlando has to offer, each offering something unique. If you're conflicted about the best countertop material for your kitchen, don't worry. In this article, we'll explore five top materials you might want to consider for your Orlando kitchen remodel.


Granite is a natural stone that's pretty ubiquitous in homes. While its popularity has dwindled slightly over the last decade, granite remains popular for several reasons.

It's an adamant stone that can withstand heat and scratches, making it ideal for busy kitchens. Additionally, it's available in a multitude of colors and patterns. So, granite offers flexible styling options, whether you want a traditional-style kitchen or a contemporary one.

Granite is porous, though. So, you must seal it once every year or two to keep it in good condition. It's also costlier than several other countertop materials, so you might want to consider other options if you're on a budget. But if these aren't dealbreakers, granite is a good option you might want to consider.


  • Incredibly durable

  • Available in various hues and patterns

  • Heat and scratch-resistant


  • Requires regular sealing to prevent staining

  • Relatively pricey


Marble is another natural stone that's incredibly alluring. It's especially popular in high-end kitchens because of its unique veining that's unparalleled by other materials.

Like granite, marble comes in a variety of colors, making it a good option for various kitchen styles. Marble is also resistant to heat and chipping, so it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

However, marble is susceptible to staining like granite. It's also vulnerable to etching from acidic substances like vinegar, lemon juice, and ketchup. Etching is a type of surface damage that can make marble look dull. So, if you opt for marble, you must seal it regularly and keep acidic substances away from it to prolong its lifespan.


  • Luxurious material with unmatched looks

  • Resistant to heat and chipping

  • Durable


  • Vulnerable to scratches and etching

  • Requires regular sealing

  • Pricey


If you want a countertop material that offers almost all the benefits of natural stone countertops but requires less maintenance, consider quartz.

Unlike natural stone countertops, quartz is non-porous (meaning it won't stain and require regular sealing). Quartz can also mimic the appearance of natural stones like granite and marble, so it's a versatile material that can complement any kitchen design.

However, quartz doesn't stand up well to heat. So, you should avoid placing hot cookware on it to keep it in good shape.


  • Low maintenance

  • Available in various colors, patterns, and textures

  • Durable


  • Fairly costly

  • Susceptible to heat damage and scratches


Laminate is a low-cost countertop material. It costs considerably less than natural stones and quartz, making it a great budget option.

Laminate is also non-porous and easy to clean, so it's inexpensive to maintain. Additionally, it can imitate the appearance of other countertop materials like wood and natural stone, allowing you to customize it to fit your design preferences.

However, laminate isn't as durable as many other countertop materials. It also isn't as luxurious as other options, so it won't add much resale value to your home.


  • Inexpensive

  • Low maintenance

  • Available in various colors, patterns, and textures

  • Stain-resistant


  • Looks artificial

  • Prone to scratches

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is another good option for kitchen counters that's less common. It doesn't absorb bacteria or other contaminants, making it perfect for commercial kitchens. Stainless steel is also easy to maintain as it doesn't require sealing. Plus, all it requires is a damp cloth or sponge to clean.

Besides its utility, stainless steel has a sleek appearance ideal for contemporary-style kitchens. It isn't impervious to scratches, though. So, you must use a cutting board when prepping meals on it.


  • Low maintenance

  • Resistant to bacteria


  • Costly

  • Scratches easily

  • Limited style options

Your One-Stop Shop for the Best Countertops Orlando Offers

These are some of the finesse countertops Orlando offers. While each offers something unique, ultimately, the right countertop material for your kitchen will depend on your budget, design preferences, and lifestyle.

Contact us today for countertop installation or to learn more about various countertop options.

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